We searched out the top health tips and trends for the upcoming year so you can stay ahead of the curve. Let’s get started.

5 Tips To Change Your Life In 2019

We searched out the top health tips and trends for the upcoming year so you can stay ahead of the curve. Let’s get started.

5 Tips To Change Your Life In 2019

Each year there seems to be a new focus in the world of health care. Health and wellness trends fluctuate as much as fashion trends do. The trends for 2019 are certainly taking an interesting turn from where they’ve been in the past. We searched out the top health tips and trends for the upcoming year so you can stay ahead of the curve. Let’s get started! Here are the 5 tips to change your life in 2019!

1) Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health 

If you’re on the internet much or keep up with the news or trends, you’ve likely heard of self-care. It’s certainly picked up in popularity in recent years. Self-care refers to the practice of putting your health first.

When most people think of self-care, they think of bubble baths and wine and while that’s true for some people, self-care really looks different for everyone. For some, self-care may be spending quality alone time with themselves; for others, it may be saying no to avoid taking on too many obligations and responsibilities.

Self-care is gaining popularity because it’s effective. Health and wellness start on the inside; self-care is essential to maintaining positive health both inside and out.

2) CBD Can Offer a Natural Treatment for Many Ailments and Conditions

With CBD legislation on the rise, we can expect to see a vast variety of health care products infused with the anti-inflammatory CBD oil. CBD can treat many conditions and ailments from pain to anxiety, making it a prime ingredient for a wide variety of health care products.

You can already find topical ointments made from CBD oil, as well as edible CBD oil in many areas. The new legislation would likely lead to many CBD-infused vitamins, lotions, soaps, etc. as well.

3) Ditch the Scale and Focus on Your Health

The movement to ditch the scale to improve your weight loss journey started a while ago but has definitely built up some momentum for the upcoming year. While more and more people are catching on to this trend, many brands are trying to incorporate the same body-positive feeling into their marketing.

In 2019, we can expect to see even more brands ditching the ridiculous photo-shopping and start showing how people really look. Real skin, real sizes, real people. This is certain to shake up the health and wellness world by helping to enforce more realistic body expectations and encourage body positive.

4) Taking Care of Your Skin

Your skin is important and how you take care of it is essential. 2019 will definitely see a rise in all-natural skin care regimens. Using all-natural skin care products in your regular routine can help keep you from introducing harsh chemicals to your skin and are less likely to cause irritation.

Skin health is crucial to your overall health. Problems with the skin can be indicative of a worse internal health issue. On top of that, cracked or broken skin can lead to infections which could be detrimental to your overall health. Take care of your skin and treat it right; it has to last you your whole life.

5) Replacing Grains

While fine in moderation, eating too many carbohydrates can have adverse effects on the body. It can make you sluggish, irritable, contribute to headaches, and cause weight gain. More and more people are catching onto the latest healthy eating trend of replacing these grains with a far healthier alternative: vegetables.

Cauliflower, one of the most popular replacers, is being used to make a healthier alternative to pizza, mashed potatoes, mac-and-cheese, and even buffalo wings. Eggplant and squashes can be used to replace pasta in many favorite dishes like lasagna and spaghetti.

Replacing grains in your diet with vegetables is one of the biggest and best health tips heading into 2019. It’s much better for you, far healthier, and allows you to eat healthy without sacrificing all your unhealthy favorites.

With every year comes a new focus for health and wellness and a new list of amazing tips to help you start living a healthier life. In 2019, we can expect to see an increased focus on all aspects of health, mental and physical, as well as a greater interest in what we’re putting on and in our bodies.


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