Boho Home Decor Inspiration

Boho Home Decor Inspiration

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The boho-chic decor has nothing to do with hard-and-fast rules. It’s a style that, when done properly, rises above trends and fads to create a timeless expression of a personal taste and carefree way of life. Of course, there are some common features seen in boho decor, and here are some to consider when aiming to create your own bohemian-chic living room makeover.

It draws on different colors, textures, patterns, periods and lots of antiques and personal touches to create a look that feels lived-in and storied, while also conveying a sense of fun and whimsy.

While there are no true rules in boho-chic decorating, starting with neutral walls is a good way to give your space a solid foundation, especially if you want to make sure your design doesn’t become visually overwhelming.


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