5 Worst Habits That Impact Your Energy Levels

Whether we are talking about your physical or your mental energy level, there are many habits you have that may be sapping your energy and bringing you down.

5 Worst Habits That Impact Your Energy Levels

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Whether we are talking about your physical or your mental energy level, there are many habits you have that may be sapping your energy and bringing you down. Your habits form the foundation of who you are and what you do. How you choose to interact with people, what you opt to focus on, what you spend your time thinking about, and your overall outlook all play an essential role in how much energy you have.

Becoming aware of the bad habits that may be making you feel tired all the time can help you make better choices and feel more engaged in your life. While you may be thinking we are going to tell you that you should eat better and drink more water, we are actually talking about your behaviors, not your diet choices.

Yes, diet and exercise are crucial to your overall health and wellness. Without these, you won’t have the energy your body needs to perform daily functions and remain healthy.

But, your behaviors and attitudes are just as crucial to maintaining your energy levels. Without the right habits of mind, you are likely to find yourself dragging through life, unmotivated, lazy, and dissatisfied.

Learning what bad habits are zapping your energy can help you make better choices about your habits, which will leave you feeling more energized. These are the five worst habits that are likely influencing how much energy you have.


Negative thinking leads to more negative thinking. Thinking pessimistically about your life, a particular situation, or other people will only make you feel less engaged and energized. When you think negatively, you expect the worst from life and other people, and you have a hard time believing in positive outcomes.

So, why bother trying? Focusing on the positive will help you feel that your effort and energy are worth it, and it will make others more likely to enjoy being around you.

Taking Things Personally

There is an excellent chance that most of the things you attribute to how others feel about you is based entirely on something you constructed in your mind. Taking things personally is mentally draining, and this kind of reaction does nothing to help your situation, either. If you really want to know how others feel, ask. Otherwise, stop worrying so much what others think, and you will feel less stressed, which will give you more energy for other things.


Complaining does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. All it really does is annoy the other people who have to listen to you complain all the time. If you have a problem, look for a solution. If you can’t find a solution, find a way to work around the problem. But, do something. Be productive. Complaining won’t solve anything, and it just keeps you in a negative frame of mind to leaves you feeling drained.

Engaging in Drama

Gossiping, talking about others, or feeding other people’s drama sucks your energy and wastes your time. If it does not affect you directly, it’s not your business. If it’s a problem for you, focus on solutions. Otherwise, leave it alone. When you expend all your energy talking about other people or stirring up drama with co-workers or friends, you are taking energy away from your own priorities and needs.

Living in the Past

There is nothing you can do to change what has already happened. Rather than wasting your time on regret, anger, disappointment, or other negative feelings, it’s time to move on and be more productive in the present. Living in the past keeps you mentally in a state of anxiety and full of negative emotions. Forgive yourself, forgive others, figure out what you can learn from your mistakes, and move forward.

Worrying About the Future

Like living in the past, constantly worrying about the future is another energy zapper. If something is out of your control, it’s wasted energy to worry about what will happen or what you can do. Focus on what you can control and how you can be prepared and leave the anxiety and worry behind.

These five habits can really take your energy and drain your outlook. Changing them is the first step toward feeling more engaged and energized in your life.

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